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Grapeson Wilson is a dynamic speaker, able to connect with audiences of any size. Be it ten people, a hundred, or a thousand, his anecdotes and experiences are engaging and entertaining, and his business growth insights and ideas are clear and actionable.

Grapeson’s talks are focused on business growth. The concepts behind his ideas all relate to his experiences as a CPA and an entrepreneur, so they resonate across all business sizes and stages. An entrepreneurial startup and a long-term company can both equally benefit from his insights on a business’ current financial performance, and how it relates to future success.

Grapeson is available for any speaking engagement: from a Chamber of Commerce sponsored talk to a corporate workshop to a featured seminar speech, his ability to energize and captivate an audience are second to none, and (most importantly) the information presented retains value for months and years after the talk is over.

If your event will have business owners in attendance, then Grapeson is an ideal addition to your presentation schedule. Talks can range from 30 minutes to approximately 90 minutes and can be tailored to your specific industry or specifications.

To discuss adding Grapeson Wilson to your presentation lineup, contact him here.

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