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Grapeson’s business growth expertise stems from his work as a CPA for companies of all sizes. It was in this role (combined with being a business owner himself) that Grapeson discovered trends within a company’s financials that predict and lead to growth and success.

  • Stuck and Stagnant? What to Do?
  • Not Where You Want to Be? How Can You Get There?
  • Profitable, But Not Quite Enough? How to Increase?
  • Looking for the Next Leap Forward?
  • Is it Time to Expand? If Not, Then When?
  • Should We Take on More Staff?
  • Should We Buy or Lease?
  • Is It Time to Borrow?

These questions all have multiple answers, depending on details. Indeed, most of them could really use some outside expertise to help guide you. Grapeson can help by:


Work with Grapeson directly for a day or three (either in-person or remotely). Together, you’ll discuss your issues, problems, and goals, and when the engagement ends, you’ll have a clear, defined path to success. Grapeson is effective at speaking to multiple departments on their specialty (be it accounting, management, sales, or marketing), and can hold various workshops throughout the day. Contact Grapeson to go over details.


Companies and industry trade associations hire Grapeson to speak at their events and/or seminars. Grapeson is an engaging, interesting speaker that makes audiences both laugh and think. Best of all, his actionable strategies are easy to implement, and last well beyond the end of the talk. Click here to contact Grapeson.