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Grapeson Wilson

Howdy! (yes, we really do say “Howdy” in Texas.)

My name is Grapeson Wilson, and I’m a proud Texan and Indian American. By day, I am a CPA and own a Houston accounting firm, and by night, I don a cape and become…

Ok, I’m kidding. I don’t own a cape. But I do offer “more” than the CPA work I do for businesses of all sizes.

Being both an accountant and an entrepreneur gives me fairly unique insight into business growth and accounting numbers. Add-in my tendency to look at the big picture, and certain trends and patterns became apparent to me. It’s almost like there’s a hidden code behind any set of numbers.

So aside from my CPA work, I decided to offer deeper, accounting-based insight into business growth. I started with my own clients, and from there, I developed certain talking points, which became a polished presentation/consulting talk, and ultimately, a soon-to-be-released book. And along the way, I also realized many of the same principles could be applied to personal finances and taxes (which led to my Udemy course).

So summing up the above, I work as a CPA, a consultant, a speaker, a teacher, and an author. All great titles, but none are more important than my work as a husband and father. My wife Soya and my children are a constant source of inspiration. They also keep me grounded, while also always encouraging me to follow my instincts.

Thanks for reading, and if I can help you or your company in any way, let me know.