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Personal Finance Course

Not to leave out individual finances, Grapeson offers an affordable Udemy course targeting taxes and personal finances. Ideal for anyone, and everyone.

The happy byproduct of being a business-oriented CPA is a clear understanding of personal / individual / family taxes as well. In Grapeson’s case, it extends well beyond being asked to handle taxes for family and friends.

Indeed, in the same way Grapeson can view a corporation’s finances and pinpoint both trouble spots and areas of opportunity, the same applies to personal finances and taxes as well. There are areas in your family’s financial picture that paint a clear picture on what you should be doing to maximize your income potential.

To this end, Grapeson has created a Udemy course that is squarely aimed at personal / family taxes and finances. His is a clear, concise strategy that creates actionable steps, resulting in saving tens, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years.

To hear Grapeson tell it in his own words:

“Almost everyone feels they pay too much in taxes. And they wouldn’t be wrong. For some people, they have little to no choice – if you have no assets and a basic job, there aren’t too many tax strategies that can be employed besides the obvious “start an IRA” and similar.

But once you have even a few assets, be it your home, additional property, money in the bank, maybe an inheritance, a business, or anything that goes beyond “paycheck to paycheck”, our tax code can be incredibly generous in the strategies it allows. The problem is, these strategies are hard to uncover, and even more difficult to fully understand.

I’ve broken down some key components that people really need to know – like the most important line on your 1040 form, renting vs. buying a home, what to expect with our new tax laws, etc. Really, if you’re a taxpayer, I can’t think of a better way to spend less than $20.”

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