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For the entrepreneur or seasoned executive, Grapeson’s clear, entertaining business book offers proven growth strategies for companies of any size.

Grapeson is putting the finishing touches on a business book poised to become a best-seller.

Chock full of interesting observations and personal anecdotes, Grapeson explores business growth from an accountant’s mindset, without the staidness that usually comes whenever someone mentions numbers.

It’s the small details, looked at in a big-picture sense, that really sets Grapeson’s work apart. This also makes it useful to any business owner – the budding entrepreneur as well as the seasoned executive will find actionable strategies to drive real growth.

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Grapeson’s Tax Saver Series Udemy Course

This course on Udemy is aimed at individual (or family) taxpayers, and helps them save money on their taxes. In many cases, a lot of money.

Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, there has been a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding taxes, and exactly who benefits from the new laws. Let Grapeson cut through the clutter and show you:

  • Exactly how to save money, including new forms and laws.
  • The most important line on your 1040 form (and how it affects millions of people)
  • When to go for itemized vs. standard deduction
  • Renting vs. buying case study
  • Much more
  • The course is $24.99, and includes 44 minutes of video, and 8 downloadable forms and resources.

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